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Match report Thibats 1- Heino 1 16 February 2020

This week was the fourth round of the spring competition of 2020 and the first home-match of team 1. Instead of playing away matches on saturdays, the regular friday evening got back on the program. Unfortuneatly the opponents of team 2 rescheduled the match, so team 1 was the only team playing this night. However, some support from team 2 and friends was present during this night. Regarding the match, it was a clash between number 2 and 3 in the group Thibats and Heino. Before the match, the difference between the two teams was only 3 points, caused by Heino suffering a large defeat in the first round against Swift. Due to an injury of Thom, Heino showed up behind the table in their strongest formation: Arnoud, Jordi and Paul. 

Sander started the evening against Jordi, who were at a status quo of 1-1 before the match. Sander controlled the first two games but looked a bit lost in the third and fourth set. Again a deciding set was required. It seems like our luck has turned around a bit, and with 11-2 Sander won the match. Xin started against Paul, who had some troubles with his receive at the beginning of the match. Starting in the second game the match became much closer, and it was Xin who won the important fourth game with 12-10, securing the match with 3-1. Derek started against Arnoud. After losing the first game he got better into the match, but due a lot of unfortunate points he lost the important third set with 11-9. Frustrations took over and the final set was given away quicly, a 1-3 loss. The doubles haven't been a succes this season and this time was no different. Xin and Sander had absolutely no chance against Arnoud/Paul and lost the match in straight sets. A 2-0 lead was slipping away, resulting in a 2-2 score. 

Especially the next match set the tone for the remainder of the match. Xin played a very close game against Jordi. The match really could have gone both ways. Xin stayed on the good side of the scores a couple of times, leading with 1-0 and 2-1. Just like Sander, a deciding set was required to shake off Jordi. In this set Xin was down a bit till 8-7, but some good points and decisions resulted in a 11-9 victory. It seemed like the momentum switched to our side, as Sander proceeded to play well against Arnoud. Important moment in this match was the second set were a 10-8 score went tot 10-10. Sander got away with the game and run away with the match in the fourth game. Derek followed the example of his teammates, by beating Paul with 3-0. However, both the first and second game were close and the mistakes on attacking forehands were countless. 

In the last series of matches a 5-2 lead required to be converted into a win. Xin had the first opportunity to do so, and got into a position of being 2-1 up for the third  time tonight. However, a strong playing Arnoud managed to turn things around and win the fifth game and put Heino back into the match. Derek stepped his game up in his last match of the evening against Jordi. Mainly using his serves, forehand and backhand chop a convincing 3-0 victory was the result. Sander completed the job by beating Paul with 3-0. The final match had a lot of cool rallies that are on camera, filmed by Xin. All in all a good victory that has increased the gap between Thibats and Swift and the other teams in this group. 

Thibats 1 - Heino 1: 7-3
Sander 3, Xin 2, Derek 2, Sander/Xin 0. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, group B: 
Swift (D) 1: 4-28
Thibats 1: 4-27
Heino 1: 4-20
De Veluwe 1: 4-16
De Brug 2: 4-15
Tafeltennis Zwolle 1: 4-14

After four rounds in this group nothing seems to be decided yet. Swift and Thibats will probably fight for the championship in this group, whereas the bottom 3 teams De Veluwe, De Brug and Zwolle are caught up in the battle to avoid relegation. 

Match Report de Veluwe 1 - Thibats 1 10 February 2020

Last weekend was the third round of the spring competition of 2020. After two away matches you would think, the NTTB let us play at home for a change, but guess again. On Saturday we had to play in Apeldoorn, this time not against de Brug but the other big club within 1 km, de Veluwe. This club is well known, for having Paul Haldan (former competitor in the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992) and Ron van Spanje (former Dutch champion). Luckily for the Thibats players, Ron, who is registered in the first team was not playing. It was up to Wim, Johan and Bert to score the points against the Thibats trio Derek, Xin and Sander. 

It was Derek who started well against Wim. After a quick and easy win in the first set, it was set to be a smooth sail leading 10-6 in the second game. However things turned around quickly and in a matter of minutes Derek was looking at a score of 1-1 and 8-10 down. Could this be the next throw of the season? However, things turned around again and after winning the third game the fourth game went fairly easy again, resulting in a 1-0 lead. After a bad last week in terms of results, Sander was eager to show why his rating is amongs the highest in the division. Against Bert he had some troubles with the playstyle of his opponnent. After being 2-0 up the third game was being lost quite fast, but Sander still put the point in the bag with a 3-1 victory. It was Xin who mainly served his way to victory against Johan. A lot of short server were unanswered with quality shots by Johan, resulting in a 3-0 win. 

In the doubles the only remaining double that did not play yet was set behind the table. Xin and Derek are not the most complementary players, although they started off well. Two fast leads got close at the end of the game, but a 2-0 lead was taken. Then things turned around, mainly due to rallies not being won and service returns resulting into many direct points against. Unfortunately also this deciding game was not for Thibats, continuing in the spirit of the season. Score 1-3 for Thibats. 

After the doubles there followed some matches that were short in games. All Thibats players won their second match in straight sets, however in the match between Derek and Bert all games were won with 2 points difference and the same can be said about the first game of Sander versus Johan. Xin played excellent against Wim, resulting in a 6-1 lead. 

It was calculated that the last 3 matches of the day would be the toughest matchups for our players. Xin, who is having some trouble against players using material, played against Bert first. In the first game he was too agressive with his receive and in the second game to passive. Both options gave too many opportunities for Bert, who took a 2-0 lead. Xin, who has improved a lot on listening to coaching this season did not give up and continued playing. This resulting in winning the next 3 games with close scores. Derek against Johan was not the most pleasant match ever. After discussion about a ball that hit the table and some behaviour from de Veluwe side that could not go through for being sportive, Johan shook hands after the second set and gave up the match. His teammates convinced him to go back to the table, and what happens next is unbelievable. The third and fourth set are both lost with 15-13, despite having 5 or 6 match points that couldn't be converted. In the fifth set the pipe was empty, which resulted in a second point for de Veluwe. In the last match of the day Sande showed his class and skills against Wim, with the highlight of the match being a great rally where Sander took the bat out of position from his right to left hand and hit it beautifully. 

All in all it was a good match from the Thibats side, resulting in another 8-2 victory. Although we deserved a point more (again), we need to improve on the deciding sets for the rest of the season for sure. In the standings we have gotten a little bit closer to leader Swift, and we are taking distance from the bottum 3 teams in the group. 

De Veluwe 1 - Thibats 1: 2-8
Xin 3, Sander 3, Derek 2, Xin/Derek 0. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, Group B: 
Swift (D) 1: 3-21
Thibats 1: 3-20
Heino 1: 3-17
De Veluwe 1: 3-13
De Brug 2: 3-10
Tafeltennis Zwole 1: 3-9

Next week the competition will continue with our first home match against Heino. On friday a victory will be needed to keep in track with Swift (D) and to increase the gap with the teams below us. See you next week! 

Match report Swift (D) 1 - Thibats 1 2 February 2020

This weekend was the exiting and important match against Swift in Deventer. Both team had won their first match with 8-2 and have the highest average team ratings in the group. The match had all the ingredients for some fireworks, with all 6 players having a rating between the 1600 and 1720. Swift was playing with Lars, Idse and Sven. 

The match started with Lars playing 3 matches in a row to be able to coach the first junior team in the youth championship group. Xin started a bit too aggressive and lost the first game, but improved to a very high level in the other games, resulting in a 3-1 win. Derek lost the first game after pulling back being 10-6 back to deuce, but lost the game. After being 2-0 down, the match turned around and after an easy with in the fourth game a deciding set was needed for the first time. A service mistake at 4-4 cost him the momentum and he lost the fifth game. Sander against Lars started off the same. The level of Sander improved and after being 2-0 down, it looked like he was getting back into the match. A 8-0 lead was almost given away, but after 10-10 it was Sander who won the game. After winning the fourth set he did the Same as Derek and lost the fifth game against Lars. 

Derek played against Idse and had a lot of trouble with his service. The first two games were again for the Deventer players, but again this match turned around. Starting in the third set Derek got more grip on the service and was making more points in the rallies. Another fifth set was required in which Idse played great and won again, leaving Thibats in being 3-1 down. Fortunately Xin got on the good side of the scores against Sven, although all games were decided with 2 points difference and above the 10. For the first time this season Sander and Derek started in the doubles, who were eager for some revenge for the lost deciding sets. Against Idse and Sven they did so, by converting the match into a quick 3-0 victory. 

From 3-3 things were going the wrong way, again. In the match between Sander and Idse, the Thibatan got 2-0 down, despite having chances of winning the second game. For the fourth time today mental strenght was being shown by winning the third and fourth game and forcing a deciding set. This time however, Sander played great with his backhand and got to a 8-4 lead. A tactical time-out by Lars helped Idse, and like a houdini he escape by winning this match. Derek finished the day with zero wins in his singles games. Not because he played bad, but because Sven was on fire. Although never being succesfull against Derek before, Sven played great and deserved the 3-1 victory. Things were looking grim for the Thibats players, but luckily Xin was on fire this afternoon. In a great match against Idse for the fifth time today a deciding set was required. For the first time a Thibats player won, closing the gap to being 5-4 down. In the last match of the day it was Sander who also had to congratulate the excellent playing Sven. 

After 4.5 hours of table tennis their was a 6-4 defeat on the score board. Quite hard to take, since in all matches that were lost there were winning opportunities. In games the score was 21-22 for Thibats, indicating that we might have deserved a bit more.

Swift (D) 1 - Thibats 1: 6-4 
Xin 3, Sander 0, Derek 0, Sander/Derek 1

Next week the journey of this season will continue with the third away match against de Veluwe. Although having lost this match the standing in this groups are quite close to each other. Looking at the standings, we have probably played against the three strongest teams in a row and away, so the future is still looking bright for the remainder of this season, 

Standings Hoofdklasse, Group B: 
Swift (D) 1: 2-14
Thibats 1: 2-12
De Veluwe 1: 2-11
Heino 1: 2-9
Tafeltennis Zwolle 1: 2-7
De Brug 2: 2-7 

Match report Tafeltennis Zwolle 1 - Thibats 1 27 January 2020

Last friday was the start of the spring competition 2020. After playing the whole last season with substitutes or with just two players, it was a surprise that we could stay in the hoofdklasse. This season, everything looks different from the beginning. Upfront there is no team in group B, that is the clear favorite in this group. The strongest player is for sure Ron van Spanje, who is a former Dutch champion of table tennis! Regarding the strongest teams in this group, on paper this would be a battle between Swift, Zwolle and Thibats with de Veluwe as an outsider. These are also our first three opponents this season. Due to switching up the competiton rounds by the NTTB our competition season starts with 3 away matches in a row, of which two are saturdays as well.

The first match was in Zwolle and was played against Corne, Robin and Rene. From Thibats the duo of last season (Sander/Derek) was playing and Xin returned from his trip to Australia. In the first matches of the day the Thibats players did not show to be well prepared for the season. Xin got 2-0 and 9-9 down against Corne, before turning the game around. Unfortuneatly for him, he couldn't continue his 5-1 lead in the fifth game to victory and lost with 11-9. Derek continued by showing a poor performance against returning player Robin and lost with 3-0, only having chances in the final game. It was up to Sander to keep us in the game and he did so perfectly, by beating Rene with 3-0. 

The regular double was switched up due to the level Derek showed and Xin and Sander were given a shot to shake things up. Xin also plays very aggresive in the double, which resulted in many winners but also unforced errors. Sander played solidly and together this resulted in an easy 3-0 victory. Xin continued against Robin, who could not handle the speed and forehand power of Xin. Another 3-0 victory put us in front for the first time this match. All Thibats players were warmed-up and the results also continued to go our way. 

Sander knew exactly how to play against Corne, which resulted in some risky services and opportunities that were missed by Corne, resulting in a 3-1 win. Derek faced-off against angstgegner Rene, who he had never beaten in the previous five matches they played. The first two games were divided equally. In the beginning of the third set Derek got upset for the tables next to us not calling any let balls at all. This burst of frustration, which had been present from the beginning of the evening led to an unexpected 11-1 and 11-2 continuation of the game. In the last series of matches the opponents tried to improve their score but were denied by the Thibats players. Although Robin played well against Sander, one game was all that he won. Xin was too fast for Rene this time and Derek won in straight sets against Corne, mainly by using his forehand attack often. A nice 2-8 victory after a bad start of the game was the final result today. A great performance to look back to! 

Tafeltennis Zwolle 1 - Thibats 1: 2-8
Sander 3, Xin 2, Derek 2, Sander/Xin 1. 

Standings Hoofdklasse Group B: 
Thibats 1: 1-8
Swift 1: 1-8
De Veluwe 1: 1-6
De Brug 2: 1-4
Heino 1: 1-2
Tafeltennis Zwolle 1: 1-2

This saturday will be an important showdown between Thibats and Swift, as one of the teams can take this opportunity to put itself in a firm lead in this group. A very even match-up is expected! The match will be played in Deventer starting at 13:00. 

Match report Thibats 1 - DTS 1 5 December 2019

Last week was already the final round of the autumn competition 2019. At the start of the season it felt like an impossible job to stay in the Hoofdklasse, after the promotion of last season and the (temporary) leave of Xin, Trung and Martijn. The arrangement was made that Sander and Derek would be avaialbe for all matches, and that substitutes from team 2 would be asked whenever possible. In practise, this meant that we sometimes even played with just 2 players. Beyond our expectations we even won some matches against Swift, Heino and DTS. In the final round our position was very clear: 3 points were needed gainst DTS to stay in the Hoofdklasse. For the second time this season it was Lennart who substituted. For DTS the regular 3: Desney, Pepijn and Stefan were playing. 

Derek started the match with an unexpected easy 3-0 victory against Stefan, who wasn't playing well. Then Sander had to go all lengths to fight of Pepijn, who played an excellent game. In the fourth game Sander was 2 points away from a loss, however he turned things aroun and again won a deciding fifth set this season. Substitute Lennart started against Desney and played to his abilities. However it was Desney who won with 3-1 and kept DTS in the game. The doubles was quite tense and could go both ways, happily for Thibats the third double in a row was won and the fifth place was secured already. 

The fact that there was nothing left to play for didn't impact the remaining matches a lot. Sander was again in troubles against Stefan, who played significantly better than against Derek. Sander overcame being 4-8 down on 1-1 and won with 3-1. Derek could not repeat his victory against Desney and lost with 1-3. Next was the upset of the day. Substitute Lennart played to his abilities and won convincingly against Pepijn, who was playing signifianctly worse than in his first match. In the final round of matches Sander and Desney showcased how easy table tennis can be with a sense of feeling for the sport. In an insane match it was Sander who got his hattrick of the day, but he certainly didn't get it for free this time. Lennart and Stefan played a close game as well, where Lennart tried to force a little bit too much in the third and fourth sets to get his second victory of the day. In the final match of the season Derek won 3-0 against Pepijn, although each set was close. 

Thibats 1 - DTS 1: 7-3
Sander 3, Derek 2, Lennart 1, Sander/Derek 1

Final results, Hoofdklasse Group B: 
DTV 1: 10-81
Blauw Wit 1: 10-59
Swift (D) 1: 10-44
Thibats 1: 10-43
Heino 1: 10-40
DTS 1: 10-33

Individually, Derek and especially Sander had a great season with winning percentages of 53% and 70% respectively. The winrate in the doubles was 50% over the season. Despite having just two players we just got 1 point away from third place. Next season Xin will be back in the team, where the aim will defineatly be to finish in the top 3 of the group. 

Match report Blauw Wit 1 - Thibats 1 23 November 2019

Yesterday was the 9th round of the competition, away against Blauw Wit in Almelo. Both teams brought a subsitute, Fabian from Thibats 3 joined us while Linsdsey was substituting for Blauw Wit. The other 4 players were Jos, Erik, Sander and Derek. 

Sander started off in a difficult match against Lindsey. Although Sander played very defensively he managed to win with 3-1. Derek started off well against but threw a 9-5 lead on 1-1 to lose the match in a similar fashion to the home match. Fabian made some good points against Erik but could not win a set.

The last two doubles were both lost with 2 points difference in the fifth set, so the Thibats players were determined to win this time again. They started well by winning the first two sets. The next two sets were for the Blauw Wit players. The second part of the fifth set was really good, which led to a victory and the score being equal. 

After this match we got a very rough series. Sander had not much chance against Jos and the same could be said for Fabian against Lindsey. Derek and Erik always play their matches in 5 games, and usually Erik always wins. This time it again became a deciding fifth set, which again Erik won. In the final round of matches Fabian could not win his first set of the day, a strong playing Sander beat Erik with 3-0 and Derek lost unexpectedly with 3-0 against a well playing Lindsey. 

After 4 hours of table tennis the same result as in the home match was on the scoreboard: a 3-7 loss against the number 2 of the group. Due to the results on the other tables the scenario's for the last round can be drawn. 

Blauw Wit 1- Thibats 1: 7-3
Sander 2, Derek 0, Fabian 0, Sander/Derek 1. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, Group B: 
DTV '84 1: 9-72
Blauw Wit 1: 9-52
Swift (D) 1: 9-43
Heino 1: 9-37
Thibats 1: 9-36
DTS: 9-30

Next week Thibats and DTS will directly make out who will finish last in this group. Thibats is defending a 6 points lead, which allows for a 7-3 loss next week. Finishing last in this group probably has no consequences due to the current standings in the third division groups, thus Thibats 1 is pretty safe to stay in the Hoofdklasse next season, where with the addition of Xin will be aimed for a higher place in the ranking. 

Match report Thibats 1 - Swift (D) 1 21 November 2019

Last weekend the 8th round of the autumn competition was played. For team 1 this meant that they were playing their fourth home match off the season against Swift 1 from Deventer. Although Xin returned from his studies in Australia, he is nog eligble to play for his team in the remaining matches of the season. Therefore you will see him return in the match reports as of next season. As a consequence of the decision made by the NTTB we had to play again with just 2 players. The previous time we had no substitue we won the match with 6-4 so anything is possible. 

While Leon was enjoying his holidays the opponents came with Roy, Sven and Wouter to Enschede. Sander started of very solid against Sven, which resulted in a quick and easy 3-0 victory. Derek had played Wouter two times before, which were both close matches. This time the service and defense of Derek was good enough to beat Wouter in straight sets. During this match he probably produced more ace serves than in the whole competition combined. The doubles was a very strange match, which could go both ways. This resulted in a deciding fifth set, in which the luck was not on our side, resulting in a 9-11 loss and the first real point for Swift. 

After the doubles Sander and Roy again had an interesting match. It looked like Sander was in trouble, however he managed to win the first two sets. Then the gameplay also started to show in the score, with Roy pulling back to 2-2 in games. In the fifth set it was Sander who played well and got the victory with 11-5. Derek started off really well against Sven by only allowing 6 points for Sven in the first two games. Then things started getting interesting, by Sven playing a lot better and winning the next two games. In the fifth set there were two lucky balls on important points for the Thibats player, who managed to also win the deciding set. The last two matches of the day were a bit less exiting, Sander won quite easily with 3-0 from Wouter and Derek beat Roy with 3-1. For the good reader this means that also the second match with 2 players was won with 6-4! 

By now the two players have showed to belong on this level this season, and it would be a shame to relegate at the end of such a season. Due to the results at the other tables, Thibats 1 has moved up in the table to a fourth place again. The gap with competitiors Heino is only 2 points while the gap with DTS is currently 5 points. This week is the difficult away match against number 2 Blauw Wit, while the competition is decided in the last round with a home match against DTS. DTV only needs one point in their next game to become champions. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, Group B: 
DTV '84 1: 8-64
Blauw Wit 1: 8-45
Swift (D) 1: 8-39
Thibats 1: 8-33
Heino 1: 8-31
DTS 1: 8-28

Match report DTV 1 - Thibats 1 6 November 2019
Last weekend was our first and last saturday match of the competition, away against DTV in Dalfsen. That meant that on friday night we could watch some games at home from Thibats 2. In this match they had a nice win, putting them back on track in the title race. Since Niels didn't play in his own team he substituted in team 1 on saturday where we played against JJ, Hugo and Yoran. Previous time these teams faced-off it was a 8-2 loss, where only Sander could win 2 matches. 

This time the set-up from the opponents was even stronger, with Harmen being substituted for Hugo, who has a lot of expierence on the national divisions. It was Niels who started against Hugo and even got close to winning a game. However, it was not a surprise that he lost this match. Derek only had chances in the first game against JJ in which 90% of the points went with the serve. Making one serving mistake cost him the game after which JJ played really well and won 3-0. Then it was Sander who played 3 tight games against Yoran, but stayed on the good side of things and won 3-0.

The doubles was the closest match of the whole competition probably. The first game was thrown by 3 dead balls behind the net in 2 rallies at 9-9. The second set was won and the third set as well, this time with just as much luck as we lost the first one. The fourth set could go either way, but from 9-9 DTV took the game. In the fifth set it remained really close. DTV was the first team who had match points on 10-8, but 3 points later Thibats had their match point at 10-11. Both teams had trouble finishing the game but eventually it was DTV who won with 14-12 and remained unbeaten in their doubles this season. A tough lose which wasn't necessary. 

After the doubles Niels had no answer to the gameplay of JJ. Then it was Sander who caused one of the biggest upsets of the season by beating Hugo with 3-0. In the first two sets Sander had 7 game points, but was trailing with 0-2. However with some good blocking play Sander won the next 3 games against scores of 4,9 and 7. A deserved victory and a major upset. 

Derek started off well against angstgegner Yoran, but threw a 7-2 lead in the first game. After winning the second game easily he was back in the match. Again from 9-9 things went south. The fourth game from Derek was good, but a very bad start in the fifth game resulted again in a 3-2 loss.

In the last 3 matches of the day there was no tension at all. All matches were convincingly won by the DTV players, resulting again in a 8-2 defeat. Player of the day was defineatly Sander from our side. Winning 4/6 games against the champion to be is very good. Derek couldn't deliver with a 0/6 games against DTV trailing both his winpercentage and rating a bit. 

DTV '84 1 - Thibats 1: 8-2
Sander 2, Derek 0, Niels 0. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, group B: 
DTV '84 1: 7-54
Blauw Wit 1: 7-39
Swift (D) 1: 7-35
Heino 1: 7-31
Thibats 1: 7-27
DTS 1: 7-24

Match report Thibats 1 - Heino 1 28 October 2019

Since there was no competition in the "autumn holiday break", we delayed the match report of the sixth match of the competition. Almost two weeks ago we played against Heino, a team against we had lost 7-3 away. However this time around, their strongest player Around was not playing, giving us some hope for a good result. Next to Derek and Sander it was Charly who again substituted in our team. On the side of Heino it were Paul, Thom and Jordi who were playing. 

The match started with Derek versus Paul, who have never played a match before. The first two games were going to Thibats side pretty easily but in the third set 6 matchpoints were needed to finish the game. Charly started against Thom and had opportunities to win the third set. Unfortuneatly he couldn't secure the game and lost with 10-12. Sander was aiming for revenche against Jordi in what was by far the best match of the day. The crowd was the real winner watching this match in which almost every point was a extreme long rally. This time Sander remained on the good side of the score, winning in straight sets as well.

The doubles was a complete disaster. After winning last 3 doubles Sander and Derek could not handle their opponents serves. This resulted in a quick and deserved 3-0 loss against Thom and Paul. The next day during the Moekotte tournament the Thibats players took revenche by winning all their 6 doubles matches and thus also the Moekotte tournament. 

Charly had no grip in the beginning of the match against Paul and quicly was 1-0 and 5-1 down. However, he managed to turn things around and won the second set. This created a real match, but Thom did win the important third and fourth set as well. Next it was Derek who was in control against Jordi. Some tactical changes by Jordi resulted in him winning one game, but that was all. Sander played well against Thom and again took a 2-0 lead. Also here, the third game was for his opponent but he could finish the game in the fourth set. The last 3 matches seemed to be going really fast on one way or another. Charly had nothing to say against the direct and fast playing Jordi, while Sander had no trouble in beating Paul. Derek took a very easy 2-0 lead and it would look like the victory was almost there. However, Thom thought differently and after winning the third set with 10-12 the fourth set was a walkover. In the fifth set Derek was 4-5 down after being 4-1 up, thus a time-out was called. After the time-out things turned around and Derek won with 11-8 resulting in our second victory of the season and two in a row! 

Thibats 1 - Heino 1: 6-4 
Sander 3, Derek 3, Charly 0, Sander/Derek 0. 

This week on saturday is the return match against number 1 and champion to be DTV. In a match with Blauw Wit they increased their lead to 11 points with 4 matches remaining. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, Group B: 
DTV '84 1: 6-46
Blauw-Wit 1: 6-35
Swift (D) 1: 6-29
Heino 1: 6-25
Thibats 1: 6-25
DTS 1: 6-20

Despite playing every match with a substitution player from our second team we are still hanging in the group. After being promoted last season this is a very good result and quite an accomplishment for the first team. 


Match report DTS 1 - Thibats 1 15 October 2019

Last weekend Thibats had the notable honours to play at DTS, an association which is closer to the players than Thibats itself in Enschede. Although we managed to get with 3 players each match so far this competition, this time only the core of Sander and Derek were avaiable to play. This meant that the match would be started with 3-0 down against Desney, Stefan and Pepijn. 

However, things quicly turned. Derek started off against Desney, who he almost never beats. This time Desney wasn't playing well, which resulted in a 3-1 victory for Derek. Sander played patienty against Pepijn which also resulted in a relatively easy victory. In his second match Derek had some trouble against Stefan to finish out the match in straight sets, but the important thing was he did win as well. The doubles is getting on a roll this competition, because including this one the winning streak is now at 3. After the doubles it was Desney who won the first real match for DTS by beating Sander in a very attractive and good match. Pepijn and Derek also played an attractive match, which was won by the Thibats player with 3-2. In the final match of the day Sander played a bit below the level we were used to see off him, nevertheless he still got the victory. This means that even though starting with 3-0 behind, we managed to get our first victory of the season with 4-6. 

DTS 1 - Thibats 1: 4-6
Derek 3, Sander 2, Derek/Sander 1

Standings Hoofdklasse, Group B:
DTV 1: 5-39
Blauw Wit 1: 5-32
Swift (D) 1: 5-23
Heino 1: 5-21
Thibats 1: 5-19
DTS 1: 5-16

Next week we will continue with a home match against Heino on friday and off course the Moekotte tournament on saturday! 



Match Report Thibats 1 - Blauw Wit 1 7 October 2019

Since there was no match last weekend, we have delayed the match report of our last match, which has been played the week before against Blauw Wit. Our opponents are fighting with DTV for the championship and potential promotion to the third division and last time the two teams faced was a horrendous 10-0 defeat. So there were some things to improve. Unfortuneatly the team can still not put Xin on the team sheet, since he is still remaining in Australia. It was the fourth time a player from team 2 was found able and willing to substitue. This time we had the honours of playing with Niels. From the side of Blauw Wit there was a suprise in the sense that former top player Jaap van Hummel was playing instead of Raymond. Despite his age (75), his rating was still way above the Thibats youngsters. The other Blauw Wit players were the well known Erik and Jos. 

Although not expected it became quite a close and interesting match. Niels his goal was to win at least one set and he mangaged to exactly to so. In a tight second game against Jos he managed to secure a set victory with 13-11. He didn't win any of his other games, resulting in a 0 behind his name. Sander and Derek showed that when having a good day, they both could play along the level of their opponents. 

Sander played a decent game against Jaap, which slipped away bit by bit. Instead of taking a 2-0 lead it became 1-1 in sets. Although all sets were close he could not get the victory in this one. Against Erik Sander did nothing more than blocking the balls and keeping them on the table. It was Erik who made a lot of errors, which resulted in a 3-1 victory. Although winning a set against Jos, Sander had too much trouble with his return which caused a loss in this match as well. Derek had the opportunity to take a 2-0 lead against Jos, but just missed out with 13-15 in the second set. After a quick loss in the third, the fourth set was also just lost (12-14) results in a close loss. Against Erik, who plays exceptionally well against defenders it seemed like it would be the same old story. After two close games the Thibats player was 0-2 down, but he managed to win two games with 11-4 and making it a really close call. In the fifth set Erik took a early lead, which was just too much to come back from (8-11). In the final match of the day it was suprisingly Derek who took very large leads in every set against Jaap. After 2-0 Jaap played all or nothing and won the third set easily. In the fourth set Jaap couldn't motivate himself to fight after being 5-0 down, resulting in the largest upset of the evening. Sander and Derek show some progression in their double skills. After losing the first two weeks now a winning streak of 2 is holding. They had to go all the way in the deciding fifth set, in which they took an realy lead that they didn't let go. A 3-7 loss was a decent display of the match, but also in sets (15-25) the score didn't dissappoint compared to the last time. 

This week the competition continous with an "away"match against DTS, which is a shorter bike travel than the home matches for the Thibats players. After the results of last week Thibats has handed over the last place in the group to DTS. 

Standings, Hoofdklasse Group B: 
DTV 1: 4-30
Blauw-Wit 1: 4-25
Swift (D) 1: 4-22
Heino 1: 4-18
Thibats 1: 4-13
DTS 1: 4-12


Match report Swift (D) 1 - Thibats 1 23 September 2019

Last friday team 1 played their third match, away at Swift Deventer. For the third time we brought a new substitute, this time it was Charly's turn to show them what he got. After skipping the VRIJMIBO we arrived 45 minutes before the match, where there was no one to open the door yet. We were playing at the first table, and on the second table was another match in the hoofdklasse, between Swift and Effekt. The opponents gave Wouter some rest, leaving Leon, Sven and Roy as our opponents of today. 

Sander started against Leon, who made a very solid impression against us last season winning 5/6 matches. The previous time they played Sander lost all games with 2 points difference. Something similar was going on today. The first two games Sander lost from a 9-9 score and in the third set Leon was simply better. Derek played his first match after a really bad performance against DTV with a new forhand rubber. Against Sven, he was on the good side of the score the first games, both winning 12-10. In the third game he gave away 6 points at a 7-5 lead, resulting in a fourth game. In this game he again took a 4-0 lead, and this time managed to get to the finish with another 12-10 win. Charly made his debut against Roy, who outclassed him in all three games. 

So far this season the double has not been successfull. Sander and Derek have to get used to playing together. Youngster Sven was not playing the double, thus we had to go up against Roy and Leon. It was quite a strange double, in which the positioning of the players was very important. The first four games were all won win a score of 11-4, and were equally divided to two games each. The deciding set started with the unfavorable posititioning, however we got an early 5-1 lead, which resulted in winning the first doubles match of this season and the match being 2-2. 

After the doubles Sander put us in the lead with a 3-0 victory over Sven. Other than the score suggest the match was pretty close. Sander got really lucky in the second set winning the set from being 9-7 down with 3 insane lucky points. In his second match of the night Leon showed Charly how table tennis is played at the highest regional level, leaving him with no chance of winning a game. The last time Roy and Derek had played was several years ago. The first game was won by Derek after Roy missed a high ball on 9-10. In the second set Roy seemed to recover. However it was Derek who managed to pull back after being 7-1 down and winning the set. Also the third set was won with 9-11, thus resulting in a 3-4 score. In the final round of matches Charly played a lot better than is his previous two matches against Sven. Although he could keep up nicely in the beginning and middle of the set, the endgame was for Sven 3 times with 11-8. Sander played against Roy the second match that went in 5 games tonight. Similar to the double, there were large differences between the games, both winning two comfortably. In the fifth set Sander started really good being 6-0 up. However, Roy mangaged to pull back to 8-8 after which Sander was visibly a bit frustrated. However, including one dead ball behind the net, Sander managed to get the win with 9-11 and get his second win of the day. In the final match Derek did not really show up against the decent playing Leon, who didn't make any mistakes at all. After a clear 3-0 loss the final results was a 5-5 draw, which was considered a very good result by the team. Next week is the second home match. Similar to the first home match it is against one of the title contenders, Blauw Wit. 

Swift (D) 1 - Thibats 1: 5-5 
Sander 2, Derek 2, Charly 0, Sander/Derek: 1 

Standings Hoofdklasse, Group B: 
DTV 1: 21
Blauw-Wit 1: 18
Swift (D) 1: 16
Heino 1: 14
DTS 1: 11
Thibats 1: 10

Match report first two weeks Thibats 1 16 September 2019

For the true fans of this blog, sorry for being late. The autumn competition has started already two weeks ago so here is a heads up of how things are going. Thibats 1 had some mutations over the last season, where Martijn and Trung have both moved to different places inside the Netherlands. Xin went to Australia for half a year and is expected to be back for the last couple of matches in this season. Therefore, the team effectively has only two players: Sander and Derek. However, team 2 consist of four players and since only three are required to play every week the other player can substitute in the first team and get some experience by playing against better opponents. 

The first week was an away match against Heino. This match was lost with 7-3 and there were chances of getting one or two points more. Substitute Hans could have caused an upset, but lost one match in the fifth set. Sander was having a pretty bad day at the office and this resulted in one win. Derek won two of his singles pretty easily but lost the third one in the fifth game. This was the first time Sander and Derek played a doubles together, which resulted in a 3-1 loss. 

Last week there was a first home match in which Lennart played as a substitute with Derek and Sander. Derek was having a very bad evening, resulting in winning just one set. Lennart played pretty well and won sets against two of his opponents. Only defender Jan Jaap left him with no chance at all. Sander was playing great this friday and mangaged to defeat the higher rated player Harmen and Yoran. Against Jan Jaap he was 0-2 down before it became a real match. Unfortuneatly he lost the fourth set, resulting in a 2-8 loss against one of the title contenders. 

After two rounds played this leaves Thibats at the bottom of the table, something that is not that suprisingly given the circumstances. Next week we play another away match. This time in Deventer against Swift. The standings in the Hoofdklasse, group B are: 

DTV: 2-13
Heino: 2-12
Blauw-Wit: 2-12
Swift: 2-11
DTS: 2-7
Thibats: 2-5

Match report Thibats 1 - Vitesse 1 13 April 2019

Yesterday was the 9th round of the spring competition. Team 1 faced off against Vitesse, a team that was already dead and buried and had 13 points out of 8 matches thus far. They took alway all excitement before the match, by playing with 3rd and 4th players Chris and Ipe and bringing a substitute from 5th class. About the match itself we can be rather short. Xin and Sander had no troubles at all. Sander won all games and the highest amount of points his opponents got in one game was 5. Xin lost 1 game in the whole day. In the doubles the players from Vitesse could not win a game. Martijn, who is struggling with his form the whole season was the only Thibatan who was having problems. Not against the substitute, but against Chris and Ipe. Against Ipe he got away with a victory of 11-9 in the fifth game but against Chris he lost the match with 1-3. 

Thibats 1 - Vitesse '35 1: 9-1 
Xin 3, Sander 3, Martijn 2, Sander/Xin 1. 

Results round 9:
Swift - Effekt: 8-2
Blauw Wit - De Brug: 4-6

Standings Promotion class, group A:
Thibats 1: 9-63
De Brug 2: 9-61
Swift 3: 9-48
Blauw Wit 2: 9-45
Effekt 2: 9-39
Vitesse 1: 9-14

In this group, 3 teams will move down to the first class. With the matches remaining it is certain that Vitesse and Effekt are moving one class down. Blauw Wit and Swift are deciding in their final match who will become third in the group. Blauw Wit needs a 7-3 victory to stay in the promotion class. De Brug and Thibats will determine in their final match who will be the runner up and champions of this group. Thibats needs a 5-5 draw to be certain. A small loss (4-6) is allowed, but then the amount of games won over two matches is decisive. The first match was won by Thibats with 6-4 and a game score of 22-14 (+8). 

The championship match will take place in Apeldoorn at the 26th of April (Kings night). Anyone intersted in joining the support of Thibats, please let us know! It's going to be a fun match either way. 


Match report Thibats 1 - Blauw Wit 2 8 April 2019

Last weekend was the eighth round of the spring competition. At home there were playing 3 matches, teams 1, 2 and 4. Teams 1 and 2 both had the same opponents Blauw Wit from Almelo. From the Thibats 1 side everyone was available to play on friday. Xin had a surgery at the dentist, and needed rest. Xin was substituted by Sander and by Derek, who would only play the doubles. Here a match report from this entertaining evening of table tennis. From Blauw Wit the trio of Eric, Michel and Ton were playing. 

Trung played the first match against Eric. He started off really well by winning the first game easily. Then Eric stepped up his game and Trung missed some confidence in his forehand spin. After losing the second set by 11-13 the momentum in the match switched to Eric his side. Trung tried, but couldn't recover in the remaining sets, losing the match 1-3. Next Martijn played against Michel. In the first 2 games Martijn got no chances, against the aggressive playing Michel. The third set went both ways till 9-9 but unfortunately Martijn didn't finish the game. Sander proceeded by losing the first set against Ton. However, this was likely due to not playing any balls before the match. After Sander got warmed up he destroyed his opponent by only giving him 12 more points in the next 3 games. The double of Trung and Derek is usually good enough for a victory on this level, but similar to the first double against Eric and Michel things got pretty close. The Thibats duo recovered well from losing the second set by winning the third and fourth, and putting their team back on the scoreboard: 2-2 in matches thus far. 

After the doubles Martijn played an excellent set against Eric. However, a missed set point turned things around and after losing the first game with 11-13 the resistance was broken. In the next 2 sets Martijn had no chances of winning a set against Eric. After a good doubles performance for Trung he continued strong against Ton. His confidence and feeling was totally back, leaving no opportunity for Ton to take a set. His fast 3-0 victory was followed by the best match of the day. Sander and Michiel played an intense and great match of table tennis. It was a pleasure to watch this match which had the longest rallies. To be fair the match could have gotten either way, but it was Sander who had the momentum in the fourth set. However at 10-7 3 match points were being thrown and Michel won the set with 12-14. Mentally, Sander showed great strenght by fighting for every point in the fifth set. Although Michel dominated the first part of the set, Sander managed to somehow stay in the rallies, and won the match eventually with 11-3. 

In the last round of matches Martijn missed opportunities against Ton. Similar to his first and second match, games above 10-10 didn't go his way. In the second and third set he lost, again with the smallest difference possbile. Sander showed against Eric why is is such a stable player. Similar to the first time they played it seemed like Sander controlled the match. Sometimes Eric could step in with a storng backhand, but it was again Sander who won with 3-1. In the final match Trung continued his strong performance. By winning every set with 11-6, Trung secured another victory for the Thibats team this season. 

Thibats 1 - Blauw Wit 3: 6-4 
Sander 3, Trung 2, Martijn 0, Trung/Derek 1. 

Results promotion class, group A: 
De Brug 2: 8-55
Thibats 1: 8-54
Blauw-Wit 2: 8-41
Swift (D) 3: 8-40
Effekt '74 2: 8-37
Vitesse '35 1: 8-13

After 8 matches, De Brug took over the lead in the group again. This group is going to be incredibly close, since due to other results in other divisions it is likely that numbers 4, 5 and 6 are regulating from this division. This means that only 1 of the 3 teams of Blauw-Wit, Swift and Effekt will be staying at this level. De Brug and Thibats will battle on the last match day who will become champions of this group. Next week waits another home match, against Vitesse. A good results is required to improve the position for the deciding championship match.