Match report Thibats 1 - Blauw Wit 1

Last friday Thibats 1 received one of the strongest teams in the poule, Blauw Wit 1 at home. For Thibats were playing Xin, Tiago and Derek where Blauw Wit played with the regulars Jos, Raymond and Erik. 

Derek started of the match against Jos, where he got close every game but couldn't secure a game. Next was Xin who blew away the so far undefeated Raymond with an amazing 3-0 victory. His opponent was left with only 14 points in the whole match. Next was Tiago who continued his good form of the past weeks against Erik. He again got back into a match after being 0-2 in games down. In the fifth set he took a whopping 9-0 lead and won the match with 11-2. Next, Xin and Derek played doubles for the first time ever, which resulted in a very close 11-9 vicotry in the 5th set against Jos/Raymond, causing an unexpected but very pleasant 3-1 lead for Thibats. 

After the doubles things went a bit in the other direction. Xin had no answer to the pimples of Jos, with a 0-3 loss as a result. Erik played very well against Derek and won the first game with ease. The next three games were very close, but it was Erik who took the win with 9-11 in the 4th set. For Derek his season couldn't have started worse. Tiago was again very close to causing a major upset, by getting 2-1 up against Raymond. In the last game Raymond played very passive, and Tiago made just a few mistake to win his second match of the day. The last 3 matches were all pretty fast. Xin won convincingly with 3-0 against Erik, Tiago lost with the same numbers against Jos and although Derek won the first game against Raymond the other games were not close at all. This resulted in a 4-6 results against the champion or runner up, which can be considered as a very good result this season. 

Thibats 1 - Blauw Wit 1: 4-6 
Xin 2, Tiago 1, Derek 0, Xin/Derek: 1

Results Hoofdklasse, poule A: 
Effekt: 4-27
Blauw Wit: 4-26
Kampenion: 4-19
DTS: 4-17
Tafeltennis Zwolle: 4-17
Thibats 1: 4-14

In the next round Thibats is playing DTS while the other concurrents Zwolle and Kampenion are playing the two strongest teams. Let's hope that we get to the rest of the pack after the next week.