Match report DTS 1 - Thibats 1

After a close 4-6 loss last week, team 1 immedeatly got te chance to take revanche against the opponents of this week, DTS. Last time Xin, Trung and Martijn played, and this time Xin was substituted for Derek. DTS was playing with the regular 3; Pepijn, Stefan and Desney. 

Trung started off against Pepijn, and played very well in the first 2 games. He won those comfortably, but then Pepijn started to get more grip in the match, resulting in another comeback and a loss in the fifth set this season. Derek started awful on his new shoes against Stefan, and only made 4 points in the first two games. Then he started playing more defensively and made the reverse comback again. On 9-10 he survived one match point and won a bit fortunate with 12-10 in the fifth. Martijn struggled against Desney, who is simply to fast and couldn't win any game. The doubles was for Trung and Derek in a very close game against Desney and Pepijn. Thibats took a 1-0 and 2-1 lead and got one match point in the fourth set. Unfortuneatly this couldn't be finished, and as you can imagine reading from this season the fifth set resulted in a loss. 

After the doubles Trung lost quite unexpectedly against a good playing Stefan with 1-3. Things started to become really tough when Pepijn had an easy victory over Martijn and Derek lost in a close match to Desney. Martijn then won his first set of the day with a fantastic ball at gamepoint, but couldn't manage to win more than one set agains Stefan. Thibats was down 7-1, which could have easily been 4-3.

It looks like things just aren't going our way. In the final matches the Thibats players did very well. Trung managed to secure a back to back win against Desney with a 3-1 victory and a well playing Derek played the best game of this season against Pepijn which also resulted in a 3-1 victory.

The overall 7-3 loss was avoidable, and since the unexpected results in the match between Kampen and Effekt, things are now looking pretty difficult in the group. Most likely the race to stay in this division will be between Thibats and Tafeltennis Zwolle. The final 4 matches will decide who remains in the highest regional division. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, poule A:
Blauw Wit: 6-42
Effekt: 6-35
Kampenion: 6-31
DTS: 6-30
Tafeltennis Zwolle: 6-21
Thibats: 6-21