Match report Tafeltennis Zwolle 2 - Thibats 1

Last friday, team 1 played their fourth away match of the season against Tafeltennis Zwolle 2. The teams were both tied at the 5th place of the competition, so a good result was required. Unfortuneatly Trung was not able to play, so Thibats played with Xin, Martijn and Derek. Zwolle played with Roy, Stefan and Corne, thus with two very difficult material players. 

About the match we can be rather short. All of the Thibats had great difficulties with the game of Stefan and Corne. Only Xin was able to get an easy 3-0 victory against Corne, all the other 5 matches were lost. Against Roy, Derek and Xin were able to make a nice match out of it. Xin won with 3-1, and Derek lost with 11-9 in the 5th game. The double of Xin and Derek wasn't looking great, and got lost with 3-1 as well. In total a very disappointing 8-2 victory and deregulation from the Hoofdklasse as a result. 

Tafeltennis Zwolle 2- Thibats 1: 8-2
Xin 2, Derek 0, Martijn 0, Xin/Derek 0. 

Hoofdklasse, poule A:
Blauw Wit: 7-50
Effekt '74: 7-39
DTS: 7-36
Kampenion: 7-33
Tafeltennis Zwolle: 7-29
Thibats: 7-23