Match report Thibats 1 - Effekt 74

Last week team 1 played a home match against Effekt 1. Since there was not really much left to play for, Effekt didn't show up with their strongest team, but Gert-Jan, Rick and Peter were able to take a 4-6 win after a very tense match.

Big man on the side of Thibats was Xin, who managed to beat all his opponents. Against Gert-Jan he had to go all the way, and came back from a deficitit in the fifth game to win with 11-9. Derek only could add 1 win to that, beating Peter easily with 3-0. Against Gert-Jan he should have won, got a match point, but in the end lost with 14-12 in the fifth game. Against Rick he again lost in a close match, this time with 13-11 in the fourth game. It wasn't Tiago his day, since he could only manage to win 1 game during the singles. In the doubles Tiago and Xin couldn't finish the game, despite being 2-1 up and reaching the 10 points in the fourth game.

Similary to the rest of the season, the close matches in 5 games didn't come our way and we where left with the feeling that we deserved a bit more than we got. In the next match we will again play at home against Kampenion. Only a very large win can bring us back in this group, since we are 11 points down on them. Despite our final match being against champions to be Blauw-Wit we will do our best to win some points. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, Group A: 
Blauw-Wit 1: 8-57
Effekt '74 1: 8-45
DTS 1: 8-39
Kampenion 3: 8-38
Tafeltennis Zwolle: 8-34
Thibats 1: 8-27