Match report Effekt '74 2- Thibats 1

Happy new year everyone! 

It seems like a lot of people have missed us writing the match reports in the last half year, so we are getting back to it. About the last match of previous season: there was not much to say really. We got defeated by Blauw Wit in a chanceless match with 10-0. There wasn't any hopes for staying the the class either way, so it didn't really come as a surprise that we have to play one division lower this season. 

Last friday the competition started off against Effekt. Since it was the last day of the exam weeks, everyone from thibats was pretty exhausted before the match already. Thibats 1 consists of 5 players this year; Xin, Tiago, Derek, Sander and Martijn. For Sander it is the first time that he is playing competition with Thibats, Xin has played the previous season as well and the rest are the familiar faces of the team for the last couple of years. 

This friday, Xin, Sander and Derek played against Effekt with Mirko, Ashwin and Gabriel. Xin started the match against Ashwin and it became a true thriller. Where xin was winnen the first set comfortably, the second set got very close. It was Ashwin who won the very long game with a 19-17 score. Xin didn't recover until the fourth game, where he was helped a lot by some lucky points. With a 13-15 game he managed to force a deciding set. In this set he was the first player to get to the 10 points, but for the third time this match the players went into extra time. After a match that took over 40 minutes, it was Ashwin who walked away with a 13-11 victory. 

Next, Derek played against Gabriel. He won the first set very comfortably, despite having some trouble with returning the serves. This got even worse in the second set which he lost. The thrid and fourth game went to the Thibats player comfortably, equalizing the score to 1-1. In the first match of Sander he could not secure a very big lead in the first game against Mirko. He recovered by winning the second set closely with 10-12. Then, Mirko started taking more initiative in the rallies, which resulted in a 3-1 loss for Sander in his first thibats match. 

After some troubles deciding who was playing doubles (normally Trung is there for this), Sander and Xin stepped into the arena. In a lot of rallies they were either too late or they made unforced errors, resulting in a 3-0 loss. The match might have went a little different if the Thibats duo managed to take advantage of their game points in the first set. 

After the doubles Xin did not play around, and beat Gabriel convincingly with 3-0. Sander seemed to follow this example by playing brilliantly against Ashwin. In the first 2 sets he only allowed his opponent to make 7 points in total, and in the third game Sander took a 10-6 lead. However, somehow Sander managed to loss this game. He showed great mental strength by winning the fourth game with 3-11, in a match in which he played confident as well. In the seventh match Derek played more against himself than against his opponent, which started with a 2-0 down in games. Playing one good game wasn't enough to secure the victory, so Thibats was 4-3 down after 7 matches. 

In the final round of matches the Thibats players all stepped up their game. Sander contined his form of the second match and won with a very quick 3-0 match against Gabriel. Xin, who showed some trouble playing against pimples historically, played one of his best matches in the Thibats shirt (figuratively speaking...) and dominated the rallies against Mirko. Most important was the second game, which Xin won with 13-15. At 10-5 in the fourth game Xin took a timeout since he was not feeling to confident about making the final point, but in the end he secured the fifth point for Thibats. Derek finished the match in style by beating Ashwin with 3-0. Especially the second set was very good. In the previous 3 times they have played, Derek was outreached by the long arms of his opponent, but this time around the tactics payed off. After being 3-1 down, a 4-6 victory is a great result. 

Effekt '74 2 - Thibats 1: 4-6
Sander 2, Xin 2, Derek 2. 

Results promotion class, group A:
De Brug 2: 1-10
Blauw-wit 2: 1-6
Thibats 1: 1-6
Effekt '74 2: 1-4
Vitesse '35 1: 1-4
Swift (D) 3: 1-0

Next friday, Thibats 1 will play their first home match of the 2019 season against Swift.