Match report Thibats 1 - Swift (D) 3

Hey everyone! 

After the 6-4 victory against Effekt last week, last Friday Thibats 1 faced Swift (D) 3 from Deventer. Last week Swift lost 10-0 to De Brug, so Thibats 1 was hoping to get a big win over Swift as well. This however, was not going to be easy, because the best player of Swift, Leon, did not play last week and was playing this week. Thibats 1 was playing with Martijn, Sander & Xin. Swift was playing with Jeffrey, Leon & Mees.

Sander started the match against Leon and this matchup turned out to be a difficult one for Sander. Despite playing well, Sander could not manage to exert enough pressure on Leon. Hence why Leon won 1-3. Next up was Xin and Mees. Mees, a young player of 16, was blasted away by the fast playing style of Xin: 11-1. Xin continued the form from the first game and won the match 3-0.  Thirdly, Martijn was playing against Jeffrey, a difficult player with pimples on his backhand. Martijn had a lot of trouble with his own topspin and on top of that the pimples of Jeffrey did not ease the spinning of Martijn. Despite that Martijn grew in the match, he lost 0-3

Because last week Sander and Xin played doubles and lost 3-0, they wanted to play doubles again to get revenge. After winning the first game 13-11 with a bit of luck, the rest of match was in control of the two thibatans: they won 3-0. After the doubles the score was 2-2. The fifth matchup was Xin and Leon. Xin also had a lot of trouble against Leon, because Leon returns almost every ball. Because of this Xin needed to take more risk in his playing game, which resulted in just too much mistakes. Xin lost 1-3 to Leon.

The sixth match was between Sander and Jeffrey. In difficult first game, with 5 game points for Jeffrey, Sander used his first game point to secure the game 15-13. After this game Sander was in full control of the pimples of Jeffrey and won relatively easy in 3-0. Next up was Martijn and Mees. Just as in the first match, Martijn struggled a lot with his own attacking in the first two games. The third game gave hope because Martijn came back in the match. Unfortunately the fourth game Mees played very well and won the match 1-3. After 7 matches Thibats 1 was down 3-4.

After Martijn and Mees, Xin and Jeffrey had to play. Xin’s difficulties against pimples came up in the first game. Luckily Xin won the first game 12-10. After winning the first game, Xin secured the victory fairly easy in 3-0. The ninth match was between Martijn and Leon. Martijn played his best match of the day, unfortunately he played this match against the strong player Leon. In all three games Leon came out as the winner, meaning a 0-3 loss for Martijn. The last match was between Sander and youngster Mees. Sander had to win in order to secure a draw. In a difficult match the score went to 1-1 and Mees having the best playing. Luckily Sander could made use of the inexperience of Mees and turn around the match, winning 3-1. The final score was 5-5, which was a correct result, considering the course of the match. A downside to this result was another 10-0 victory for De Brug. Thibats 1 becoming champion is becoming nearly impossible if De Brug continues this form.

Thibats 1 – Swift (D) 3: 5-5
Sander 2, Xin 2, Martijn 0.

Results promotion class, group A:
De Brug 2: 2-20
Blauw-wit 2: 2-12
Thibats 1: 2-11
Effekt '74 2: 2-8
Swidt (D): 2-5
Vitesse '35 1: 2-4

Next friday, there will be no match. Friday 22 February Thibats 1 will play away against the number 2, Blauw-wit 2.