Match report Blauw Wit 2 - Thibats 1

This friday Thibats 1 and 2 played an away match at Almelo. Tonight the Thibats players are Trung, Sander, Niels, Hans, Annelies and Derek. No spoilers for the second team, but a shoutout to substitute Annelies who played really well. 

Our opponents where Michel, Ton and Eric. All six players have a kind of similar rating, so everything could happen. It turned out to be a match with two phases. Thibats started off really well, by Derek taking a 3-0 victory over Michiel, although 2 games where decided with a 2 points difference. Trung had some trouble at the start of the match against Ton, but played better in the second part, resulting in a 3-1 victory. Sander played really well in his first match against Eric. He led comfortably with 2-0 but screwed up a huge advantage in the third set. After the losing the third set he pulled himself together and also won with 3-1. The doubles for Thibats was going to be Trung/Derek, although the last time they have played together was at the Moekotte tournament. The doubles where very one-sided. The second game was won with a lucky ball at 10-9, but the other set scores of 11-3 and 11-1 showed that it was an easy victory. 

After the first four matches thus a comforting lead of 4-0 against this direct competitior for the first 4 places. Then things turned south. Derek lost against Ton for the first time in his career despite winning the first set easily. The next 3 sets he all lost with 2 points difference. Sander and Michiel played a very interesting and tense game after. Although Sander had the opportunity to go 2-0 up in games it went 1-2 to Michel, who got his first match point in the fourth set. However Sander managed to stay in the match with an insane smash from third position after being attacked by Michel. He forced a deciding fifth set, in which Sander came 2-6 down. After pulling back to 9-9 it was anyone's game, unfortuneatly he couln't take advantage of his own serve and lost the match. A kind of similar situation was in the match between Trung and Eric. Just like a lot of times today (9 out of 10) the Thibats player won the first set. Then things went south and the feeling in Trung his forehand wasn't really there. At 2-1 and 8-2 down he miraculously managed to espace and force a fifth set, similar to Sander. However he couldn't pull back from a deficit and the match was lost in the fifth set as well. After being 4-0 up the score was now almost evened at 4-3 and all individual players had both won and lost 1 match. 

In the final set of matches Thibats managed to get the win. Sander was playing excellent against Ton and gave him no chance, a 3-0 victory. Derek failed against Eric to make use of 2 game points in the third game. Instead of going 2-1 up he went 1-2 down and lost the match. In the final match of the day Michel and Trung played an interesting game with a lot of backhand rallyies. The second and third game came to the wire, but Trung took the first and fourth set convincingly, resulting in a 3-1 win for the game and a 6-4 win overall. 

Blauw Wit 2 - Thibats 1: 4-6
Sander 2, Trung 2, Derek 1, Trung/Derek 1

Standings, Promotieklasse Group A:
De Brug 2: 3-24
Thibats 1: 3-17
Blauw-Wit 2: 3-16
Effekt '74 2: 3-14
Swift (D) 3: 2-5
Vitesse '35 1: 2-4