Match Report Vitesse '35 - Thibats 1

On last friday Thibats first team played their fourth match of the competition, this time in Hengelo against Vitesse. In the ranking there where already quite some differences between the two teams. For Thibats were playing Trung, Sander and Derek and for Vitesse where playing someone anoymous, Ipe and Chris. The differences between the two teams where simply to large to speak of a real match. Quite on time the match fininished with a 10-0 victory for Thibats. In total only two sets were lost on this night. 

Vitesse '35 1 - Thibats 1: 0-10
Sander 3, Trung 3, Derek 3, Trung/Derek 1. 

After 4 completed rounds these are the standings overall. This week friday Thibats is playing at home against group leader de Brug. 

Promotieklasse, group A:
De Brug 2: 4-29
Thibats 1: 4-27
Blauw-wit 2: 4-21
Swift (D) 3: 4-19
Effekt '74 2: 4-19
Vitesse '35 1: 4-5