Match report Thibats 1 - Effekt 2

Friday the 22nd marked the start of the second half of the season in the spring competion. In the first half 4 matches were won by Thibats, and 1 time a draw where the results. After being 9 points down to the Brug after just two matches, Thibats had grabbed the lead in the poule after las't weeks match. This weekend, the first team of Thibats played at home against the second team of Effekt '74. For Thibats where playing Xin, Martijn and Trung. The opponents showed up with familiar faces Mirko and Ashwin but also with substitute Erik. Although it was a coinincidence, we had seen Erik play before this season, both at the away match in Wierden and at an away match in Hengelo. 

Xin started off against Ashwin and managed to take revanche for the lost match (and missed matchpoint the previous game). He managed to succeed in this with a 3-1 victory. In the second match Mirko left Martijn no chances, and with 0-3 the score was being even again. Trung had difficulties with substitute Erik, and it required a deciding fifth set for him to take the victory. The double Xin/Trung lost the first game with 2-11 against Ashwin and Mirko, but won the next three games in a row, resulting in a 3-1 score both in games and sets at this moment. 

After the doubles Martijn won his first match of the season. Although he lost the first set with 3-11 against Ashwin, he won the next three with all scores of 11-9. Xin gave substitute Erik chances to win the first game, but after he pulled through the resistance was broken. It seemed like Thibats was walking away with this match, but from 5-1 the matches got all very close. 

The set scores of Trung and Mirko illustrate the start of some intense matches. After 8-11, 17-15, 8-11, 12-10 a deciding 5th game was necessary. Unfortunately for Trung, he lost ghe set and match with 9-11 and Mirko doubled the points of his team. In the next match also Martijn and Erik required a deciding game. For the first time this season Martijn managed to win a 5th set, which hopefully has ended his trauma of losing 5th sets so often. The match between Trung and Ashwin was pretty close, after being 0-1 down it was important that Trung won the second set with 14-12. The third and fourth game also went his way resulting in a 7-2 lead. In the final match of the day Xin and Mirko were very close to each other. In one game there was a 3 point difference between the two, but for all other games the difference was 2 points and thus minimal. Again, a 5th set was required to determine a winner and again Mirko managed to take the win with 9-11. This brougth the final score to a 7-3 victory for Thibats, where Mirko went unbeaten from the side of Effekt. 

Thibats 1 - Effekt 2: 7-3
Xin 2, Trung 2, Martijn 2, Xin/Trung 1. 

Standings Promotieklasse, Group A:
Thibats 1: 6-40
De Brug 2: 6-38
Blauw-Wit 2: 6-34
Swift (D) 3: 6-30
Effekt '74 2: 6-28
Vitesse '35 1: 6-10

After six matches Thibats has taken the lead in the group on their own. Due to the draw of de Brug against Swift the difference is now 2 points. Also Blauw Wit and Swift are in the range of the student, thus nothing has been decided yet. Only the relegation of Vitesse is almost certain after six matches.