Match report Swift (D) 3 - Thibats 1

This weekend was the seventh week of the spring competition. The match was away in Deventer, and a car had to be rent in order to get back to Enschede in time. For Thibats were playing Xin, Derek and Trung. For Swift played Leon, Jeffrey and Sven.

The first match between Leon and Xin was one of the highest quality matches this season. After two sets the score was equal. The third set was probably the deciding one. Leon couln't finish a large lead, and at 8-10 down Xin hit an insane forehand. After winning the third set the resistance of Leon was broken and Xin took revanche by winning the second time with 1-3. In the next match Derek didn't have much problems with Jeffrey and won 0-3. Trung slipped up in the first game against Sven, despite having opportunities to take the set. However, he recorvered well and won the next 3 sets all with 7-11. This put Thibats in a comfortable 0-3 lead before the doubles. 

Trung and Derek played the doubles match, since they are the most adapted to each other's game. Leon and Sven had problems returning the serves throughout the whole match, which resulted in a quick 0-3 victory. After the doubles the good run continued when Xin also didn't lose a set to Jeffrey. Halfway through the match was a surprising 0-5 score. The second half of the matches turned out to be closer. Similar to the first match of Leon he played a thriller against Trung. Trung was on the good side of the score in the first and third set, but a good fourth game of Leon forced a deciding set. In this set Trung managed a small comeback from 8-4 down, but a good series of points won Leon the first point of the day. Sven and Derek continued the tight matches. In the second set Sven let a 10-7 advantage slip away, resulting in being 0-2 down in games. The third set also went to overtime, but this time it went to Sven. After Sven played an excellent fourth game also here a fifth set was required. Derek started off bad, by 2 service mistakes. After a time out at 6-3 down, Sven only got 2 more points and Thibats was up 1-6 in matches. 

In the final round of matches Trung beat Jeffrey with 3-0. Although Jeffrey played better than in his first matches, it wasn't enough. Xin managed to finish his excellent day by beating Sven with 1-3. In the last match of the day it was Leon who got the second point for Swift by beating Derek with 3-1. All in all, it was a very good match from the Thibats side and an excellent result. 

Swift (D) 3 - Thibats 1: 2-8
Xin 3, Trung 2, Derek 2, Trung/Derek 1. 

Standings Promotion class, group A: 
Thibats 1: 7-48
De Brug 2: 7-47
Blauw-Wit 2: 7-37
Effekt '74 2: 7-35
Swift (D) 2: 7-32
Vitesse '35 1: 7-11