Match report Thibats 1 - Blauw Wit 2

Last weekend was the eighth round of the spring competition. At home there were playing 3 matches, teams 1, 2 and 4. Teams 1 and 2 both had the same opponents Blauw Wit from Almelo. From the Thibats 1 side everyone was available to play on friday. Xin had a surgery at the dentist, and needed rest. Xin was substituted by Sander and by Derek, who would only play the doubles. Here a match report from this entertaining evening of table tennis. From Blauw Wit the trio of Eric, Michel and Ton were playing. 

Trung played the first match against Eric. He started off really well by winning the first game easily. Then Eric stepped up his game and Trung missed some confidence in his forehand spin. After losing the second set by 11-13 the momentum in the match switched to Eric his side. Trung tried, but couldn't recover in the remaining sets, losing the match 1-3. Next Martijn played against Michel. In the first 2 games Martijn got no chances, against the aggressive playing Michel. The third set went both ways till 9-9 but unfortunately Martijn didn't finish the game. Sander proceeded by losing the first set against Ton. However, this was likely due to not playing any balls before the match. After Sander got warmed up he destroyed his opponent by only giving him 12 more points in the next 3 games. The double of Trung and Derek is usually good enough for a victory on this level, but similar to the first double against Eric and Michel things got pretty close. The Thibats duo recovered well from losing the second set by winning the third and fourth, and putting their team back on the scoreboard: 2-2 in matches thus far. 

After the doubles Martijn played an excellent set against Eric. However, a missed set point turned things around and after losing the first game with 11-13 the resistance was broken. In the next 2 sets Martijn had no chances of winning a set against Eric. After a good doubles performance for Trung he continued strong against Ton. His confidence and feeling was totally back, leaving no opportunity for Ton to take a set. His fast 3-0 victory was followed by the best match of the day. Sander and Michiel played an intense and great match of table tennis. It was a pleasure to watch this match which had the longest rallies. To be fair the match could have gotten either way, but it was Sander who had the momentum in the fourth set. However at 10-7 3 match points were being thrown and Michel won the set with 12-14. Mentally, Sander showed great strenght by fighting for every point in the fifth set. Although Michel dominated the first part of the set, Sander managed to somehow stay in the rallies, and won the match eventually with 11-3. 

In the last round of matches Martijn missed opportunities against Ton. Similar to his first and second match, games above 10-10 didn't go his way. In the second and third set he lost, again with the smallest difference possbile. Sander showed against Eric why is is such a stable player. Similar to the first time they played it seemed like Sander controlled the match. Sometimes Eric could step in with a storng backhand, but it was again Sander who won with 3-1. In the final match Trung continued his strong performance. By winning every set with 11-6, Trung secured another victory for the Thibats team this season. 

Thibats 1 - Blauw Wit 3: 6-4 
Sander 3, Trung 2, Martijn 0, Trung/Derek 1. 

Results promotion class, group A: 
De Brug 2: 8-55
Thibats 1: 8-54
Blauw-Wit 2: 8-41
Swift (D) 3: 8-40
Effekt '74 2: 8-37
Vitesse '35 1: 8-13

After 8 matches, De Brug took over the lead in the group again. This group is going to be incredibly close, since due to other results in other divisions it is likely that numbers 4, 5 and 6 are regulating from this division. This means that only 1 of the 3 teams of Blauw-Wit, Swift and Effekt will be staying at this level. De Brug and Thibats will battle on the last match day who will become champions of this group. Next week waits another home match, against Vitesse. A good results is required to improve the position for the deciding championship match.