Match report Thibats 1 - Vitesse 1

Yesterday was the 9th round of the spring competition. Team 1 faced off against Vitesse, a team that was already dead and buried and had 13 points out of 8 matches thus far. They took alway all excitement before the match, by playing with 3rd and 4th players Chris and Ipe and bringing a substitute from 5th class. About the match itself we can be rather short. Xin and Sander had no troubles at all. Sander won all games and the highest amount of points his opponents got in one game was 5. Xin lost 1 game in the whole day. In the doubles the players from Vitesse could not win a game. Martijn, who is struggling with his form the whole season was the only Thibatan who was having problems. Not against the substitute, but against Chris and Ipe. Against Ipe he got away with a victory of 11-9 in the fifth game but against Chris he lost the match with 1-3. 

Thibats 1 - Vitesse '35 1: 9-1 
Xin 3, Sander 3, Martijn 2, Sander/Xin 1. 

Results round 9:
Swift - Effekt: 8-2
Blauw Wit - De Brug: 4-6

Standings Promotion class, group A:
Thibats 1: 9-63
De Brug 2: 9-61
Swift 3: 9-48
Blauw Wit 2: 9-45
Effekt 2: 9-39
Vitesse 1: 9-14

In this group, 3 teams will move down to the first class. With the matches remaining it is certain that Vitesse and Effekt are moving one class down. Blauw Wit and Swift are deciding in their final match who will become third in the group. Blauw Wit needs a 7-3 victory to stay in the promotion class. De Brug and Thibats will determine in their final match who will be the runner up and champions of this group. Thibats needs a 5-5 draw to be certain. A small loss (4-6) is allowed, but then the amount of games won over two matches is decisive. The first match was won by Thibats with 6-4 and a game score of 22-14 (+8). 

The championship match will take place in Apeldoorn at the 26th of April (Kings night). Anyone intersted in joining the support of Thibats, please let us know! It's going to be a fun match either way.